All Ability Walks

“All Ability Walks” are developed by Forest Therapy Victoria to offer an experience to people with all degrees of ability. Zoe has been a caregiver for many years. As she walked in the forest early in her own training, knew she needed to bring those she was a caregiver for on a Forest therapy experience. Zoe innately understood the benefit that would come for those with varying degrees of ability and mobility.

Thus she developed the concept of ‘All Ability Walks’ as offered today by Forest Therapy Victoria.

As is well documented, Forest therapy reduces blood pressure, anxiety and stress levels are reduced, vitality and sense of wellbeing is increased. The tracks selected for our All Ability walks have disability parking and toilets, the tracks have been selected for their ability to accommodate wheelchairs and are limited mobility accessible. Each Forest therapy walk has a range of activities which we will adapt to the needs of the participants on the day.

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